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Dr. Chris Hawn, D.C.
Palmer Graduate

If you were looking for a chiropractor and all you did was type in “Chiropractor near me” then you would probably find me in the San Juan Capistrano area. Hi, my name is Dr. Chris Hawn. To share a little bit about me I would like to share with you that I completed my undergraduate studies at San Diego State University and was accepted to and attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I received my doctorate in chiropractic in 1981 graduating cum laude and received a distinguished service award from the college.

“As licensed chiropractor in California for over 35 years, I have seen and treated the causes of everything from failed post-surgical low back pain to colicky babies. The age spectrum of patients I have had the opportunity to treat runs from 3 days old to 92 years young.”

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Carpal Tunnel
Herniated Disk
Neck Pain
Pinched Nerve
Plantar Faciitis

“I sought care in Dr. Chris Hawn’s office after being referred to him from a close friend and neighbor of mine.

For over a year I had been suffering with numbness and pain on and off. I didn’t know what the cause of the pain was, I just knew that it hurt and was getting worse. On top of that I began to develop neck pain and it was becoming severe.

The results were incredible. After the first adjustment, I was surprised to see the numbness go away. The beck pain became less severe and eventually went away as well. I have found that because of the condition my spine is in, that if I do not get regular maintenance adjustments, my neck stiffness will return. A visit to Dr. Chris brings me back to normal.”

Leslie A., Laguna Niguel

“I was first referred to Dr. Chris Hawn by a fellow worker. I had sharp pain in my low back and that was being caused by lifting, tugging and pulling. My pain started to get very severe to the point where it became hard to get up from a seated position or in and out of my car.

Currently, I have had very good results in the fact that there is much less discomfort and generally no pain, just a few aches in the morning until I get lumbered up. I’m 71 years young and have tried to learn not to push myself to do things that are not good for my back!”

Karen Sweat, San Juan Capistrano

“I had a knee replacement surgery in February 2011 and following that I went through 100 therapy rehabilitation sessions. My knee started to tighten up through all that with scar tissue formation.

I came to Dr. Hawn about a month ago for a neck problem primarily. During my initial consultation he inquired about my knee because I had written down that there was a problem there. He then recommended the Vibration Wave therapy for me in regards to the knee. Since receiving the very first treatment I’ve been able to exercise it much more easily and with less pain, and more mobility.

It certainly work for me!

The vibration wave therapy seems to be very relaxing for the muscles and tendons. It greatly took away the stress that I had because I was developing very tight tendons following the surgery. I received four or five treatments and the tightness has lessened quite a bit.

I hope to recover even better from here on out.”

Mike Forslund

“Dr. Chris has been my “go-to” chiropractor for more than twenty years I developed painful lower back and neck spasms after law school, due to years of intensive studying. To cope with this problem, I received regular chiropractic treatments which brought significant relief.

In my business I am either in meetings sitting down or in front of a computer for most of the day. This frequently aggravates my neck and back sensitivities.

I feel I can contact Dr. Chris at almost any time and he will be there to help. I always appreciate Dr. Chris’ honest opinions and candid advice about the natural remedies and supplements that benefit many symptoms. Dr. Chris is down-to-earth, very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the physiological reasons for your health issues. I highly recommend Dr. Chris Hawn to anyone who wants to learn the natural way of how to get well and stay well.”

Diane Rifkin, Esq., Attorney Recruiter

“After suffering for more than four years with neck and low back pain from an auto accident, I noticed I was beginning to feel a loss of sensation around the front of my right thigh. I went to my doctor who gave me three spinal injections which worked temporarily but did not last.

After two more months of constant and extreme pain I went back to my doctor. He sent me to physical therapy for three months and it provided no relief. In fact, I think it made it worse. All they did was heat me up and use electric stimulation and stretching.

I feared I was going to have a permanent disability and lose all the feeling in my right leg. My neurologist told me that I would probably need surgery but suggested that I try to hold out until I couldn’t stand the pain any more.

My friend recommended Dr. Chris. I went to see Dr. Chris and he discussed my problem with me. The way he explained it, it all made sense. The nerve flow originating out of my low back was radiating down my leg. Find which nerve is being blocked and relieve it.

I can only say I was ecstatic to feel relief in my low back after only a few treatments. Within six weeks I had all the feeling back in my leg and no low back pain whatsoever. This has definitely put on hold any need for surgery in the near future.”

Robert Fowler, U.S. Army Retired

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